Should You Jump Into The NFT Bandwagon Without Knowing The Risks – A Guide For Beginners

If you’ve been a pro-investor in the segment of Cryptocurrency for some time, there’s no way you haven’t heard of NFT. However, if you were living under a rock, like we were doing sometime back, that’s another aspect to think about. Don’t worry, though.

We’ll explain it now.

In essence, an NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique mechanism that can aid you in tokenizing a digital asset. Hence, you can use them to buy anything from a game, such as skin, in-game currency, and much more.

Also, you can collect and use NFTs from a platform like Quantumai.

In essence, it can help you monetize the Bitcoin or Ethereum you have bought or collected and use them like physical money. Sounds pretty awesome, no?

Well, we agree.

There’s a lot to love and admire about NFTs.

However, if you end up ignoring the risks they come with because of that, it won’t be very smart. Keep reading this article till the end to get some food for thought about this context.

Risks Of NFTs – An All-Inclusive List

Like the Cryptocurrency market, using an NFT can be pretty risky as well. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Risk – 1: The Chance Of Getting Scammed Is Pretty High

E-commerce, from a general viewpoint, has always been the game of a gambling man. There is a risk associated with it – one way or another.

The same goes for NFTs as well.

When you’re trading in Non-Fungible Tokens, you may end up entering a fake marketplace. Getting involved with a fake seller can also be a common problem here. Also, if you’re too desperate, you can get in touch with unverified sellers.

Needless to say, either of these issues is quite risky to handle, especially for someone who’s trading NFTs for the first time.

Risk – 2: Can Damage The Environment

The invention of Cryptocurrency has altered our society and how we financially operate to some extent. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll put a blind eye to how harmful technology is to our environment.

The machines, which are used to create Blockchain data, need to stay active and running all the time, no matter what’s the cause. This can result in massive energy usage and lead to substantial CO2 emissions at the same time.

Risk – 3: You’ll Never “Own” It

Whether you believe it or not, you’re never going to own an NFT. After all, they’re a form of digital currency or token, per se.

Hence, if the platform (where you’re accumulating an NFT) stops working, you’ll lose everything you’ve outsourced there.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we did offer some insights on NFTs and how they can be risky for you. Hence, now, we will try to clear up some of your confusion by answering a few queries. Here’s what you need to know about them.

What Are The Disadvantages Of NFT?

Well, to begin with, NFTs are not an asset class. Thus, you cannot own them properly. In case the platform goes bankrupt or something as such, you’ll end up losing everything you own.

Is It Good To Invest In NFTs?

If you’re considering all the facts regarding NFTs, this segment can definitely be a decent investment. As it’s secure like Crypto, you can easily avoid the problem of getting hacked by someone targeting the De-Fi network.

Can You Lose Money On NFTs?

Yes, you can definitely lose your money while investing in NFTs. Due to this reason, it’s crucial for you to find a secure and reputable platform that does not have the risk of going bankrupt for a while.

Final Thoughts

So, now, we’ll be concluding our article on NFT and the risks it comes with. We have tried to include as much information as we could provide here.

However, if you need any other help or assistance regarding the same, make sure to comment them down today. We’ll try our best to answer you as quickly as possible.

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