Some Tech Gadgets to Help You During the Pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, it is indisputable that the consumption habits of the entire world have changed.

Whereas before, buyers preferred the type of gadgets that made outdoor activities easier or more attractive. Watch most popular movie wonder woman 2017 hindi dubbed download skymovies

such as wireless headphones for running, watches, and smart bands. Now those that make it more pleasant or easier to sell more inside the house.

In this article, we bring you a small selection of those technological gadgets. The devices will have a special impact and will be among the best sellers due to their relationship with our new reality.

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Portable UV sterilizer machine


One of the issues that we will no doubt continue to be very concerned about is the advance of the virus.

All the things we can do to prevent infection. One device closely related to this problem is this portable UV sterilizer machine gadget that enables us to maintain asepsis everywhere.

This device manages to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. It is the best option to have the things we use most, like the smartphone.

The watch, the sunglasses, or the mask, in just one a few steps to disinfect 5 minutes,.

While doesn’t fit into essential elements. It is perfectly compatible with any device up to 8 inches and other small objects..

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Infrared thermometer

To control that our fever does not rise, one of the indicators that we tend to be more aware of when we think about the coronavirus.

It will be very convenient to have a practical infrared thermometer at home that will guarantee comfort and precision.

Wi-Fi signal booster

So that, while at home, it does not happen to us that the Wi-Fi does not reach the rooms furthest from the router.

This signal amplifier is a gadget that is undoubtedly needed in many homes.

With a capacity of up to 300 Mbps, this gadget creates a reliable and fast system to get the signal to more areas of the home up to 24 devices simultaneously.

which adds its small size and ease of being transported.

Echo Spot intelligent alarm clock


This gadget will perfect option for all those who want to connect from the moment they open their eyes in the morning.

This device is one of the best within this type of product.

Its central utility is its connection with the Alexa voice assistant, developed by the same brand.

Among its functions, in addition to the alarm clock, are to play music, read the news, answer questions and control other compatible home devices.

In addition, thanks to its camera, speaker, and microphones, it will allow us to make video calls on Skype as well.

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Google Nest Hub Smart Wi-Fi Display

An option similar to the previous one although with differences in operation and compatibility is this smart screen.

The device develops by Google is designed for the living room and to interact with some of the services offered by the American technology giant.

Among its main utilities are playing music, playing videos, series or movies, making and receiving calls, and controlling other devices.

Among the applications with which it is compatible (in addition to the company’s own) are Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix, for example.

Mi TV stick Full HD

To achieve all this connectivity and “intelligence” even on non-smart TVs, this gadget is a great candidate.

By connecting the stick part of the product to our TV.

we can send any content from the phone and access streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube.

In addition, we will also have access to the virtual voice assistant.

Which will allow us to reach the content that interests us just through loud instructions.

Headphones Gadgets


Since the confinement, another of the themes that have become more fashionable.

Thanks to the huge peak of visitors that the Twitch platform has been having has been gaming.

Beyond the powerful computers that need in case of spending many hours with video games.

That requires certain characteristics, gadgets such as headphones start to sell more and more.

This specific model, which has a microphone and stands out for its lightness.

It has as positive points its powerful soundproofing, its comfort, and its considerable sound quality.

Thermal gloves for the computer

For all those who have been teleworking in recent months and are especially cold,.

This gadget is one of the ones that will best solve the cold in the most difficult area to heat without hindering the task.

Despite exposing your fingers, thanks to the electric heating system of these gloves.

It is suitable for connecting to a portable battery, a car charger, a computer, or directly to the current – a comfortable temperature will maintain at all times.

Wireless charger Gadgets for smartphones

Wireless chargers have been among the top-rated devices for their convenience for months. It is, therefore, to be predictable that the trend will continue to increase and more and more people will switch to the wireless option.

It is characterized by the fact that it offers two chargers in one.

The table with a stand for vertical placement of the lectern and the base for lying flat on the bedside table.

Another plus point is compatibility with a wide variety of cell phones from different brands.

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