Telegram groups: what are they and how to find them?

Do you like meeting groups who share the same interests? Then Telegram groups are for you. Yes, for you who are looking for speed and reliability in your messages and calls.

For you who have a company and want to take advantage of 200,000 people to publicize your product/service. You know how to take advantage of hashtags, responses, and mentions to keep the interaction data organized. For you who enjoy debating and are interested in the feedback generated on the different topics.

If you felt identified with more than one case and wonder what I can find on Telegram, continue reading. At the end of the note, maybe you dare to create your Telegram channel or group. What would it be about?

If you already have your notebook on hand, let’s get started!

What are Telegram groups?

According to Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, Telegram groups share content with friends and family or collaborate in small teams. However, they can grow into large communities. There are lists of the best Telegram groups. These include groups on movies, games, technology, and education, among others.

Did you know that Telegram allows you to make any group public? In addition, it gives you the possibility to activate or deactivate the history in the group. In this way, it gives you control over what you want new subscribers to have access to.


What are Telegram channels?

We all have topics that interest us and about which we would like to receive updated information instantly. Well, that’s what Telegram channels exist for. This tool allows you to send the content of all kinds to people who have decided to subscribe to a track. So can I send photos, videos, links, and documents on a Telegram channel? The answer is yes.

How to create a Telegram group?

You have to follow two simple steps! According to the Telegram FAQ section, the steps vary a bit depending on the device software.


  • You start a new message (tap the icon in the upper right corner in Chats).
  • Then “New group.”


  • Tap on the round pencil icon in the chat list.
  • Then in “New group.”

Telegram Desktop

  • Click on the symbol in the upper left corner
  • “New group”

You are two steps away from enjoying the benefits of Telegram groups.

How to create a Telegram channel?

If you have already dared to create a channel on Telegram, I leave you the steps so that you can start with the tool from today.

These are the steps to follow, depending on your device:


  • Open the Telegram App on your mobile device.
  • Press the ” New message ” button.
  • Locate a circular icon with a pencil at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Three options will appear on the screen, select ” New Channel, “
  • Include a name for the channel. If you want, you can also add a profile picture and a description. We recommend not omitting the profile image and a description; remember that you must convey your brand’s personality. Click on the ‘Done’ icon when you’re done.
  • If you choose to make your channel private, Telegram provides you with an invitation link.
  • Invite all your contacts to join your channel.
  • Finally, your Telegram channel has been created.

In IOS, the only step that changes is the third since the icon is in the upper right corner. The rest of the procedure remains the same.

What can I find on Telegram?

Within Telegram, you can find an infinity of groups and channels that will surely interest you. First, I will teach you how to search for Telegram groups, and then I will recommend my favorites.

Channel search is quite simple, you have to enter the search engine’s name, and the available options will appear. If the group is private, it will not appear in the search, and you will need a link to enter.

In the case of Telegram channels, these are divided into the following categories:

  • Music
  • Humor and entertainment
  • Bets
  • Books
  • Videos, games, and applications
  • Education
  • Technology

Now yes! I’ll show you a list of my favorite Telegram channels and groups.

Telegram news channels

If you are one of those people who loves to be up to date with the latest news, you should join the EFE Noticias, El Huff Post, economists, El País, and Infobae channels, to name a few examples. The truth is that currently, the vast majority of mass media have their channel on Telegram.

Movie Telegram channels

Do you enjoy a movie marathon as much as I do? Then you must subscribe to the following channels :

  • Cinema Quality
  • Latin Movies
  • Film premieres
  • Dale play movie
  • You also have options like:
  • cmovies tv
  • Best Movies Links
  • Online movies

Just as there are news and film channels, you can find the Telegram channels of your preference. Are you interested in sports? There are several channels such as Mucho Fútbol, Formula One News, or Sports Routines at Home.

Are you planning your next trip? Then you must subscribe to Viajes Guía: Low Cost , or Exprime Viajes .

Within Telegram, you can find the channels divided into categories such as:

  • Music,
  • Humor and entertainment
  • Bets
  • Books
  • Videos, games, and applications
  • Education
  • Technology

I am sure that you are already clear that you can find beneficial information for your day-to-day in Telegram groups and channels. Now visit these channels that I have recommended and see how the big brands are using this tool to take advantage of your content strategy. If you are still not sure what content marketing is about, I invite you to know in our article about what content marketing is and what it is for.

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