Tesla Stock Price Forecast for 2021 and in Future of Electric cars.


Tesla Stock Price Forecasts have long been hugely profitable. Tesla shares are up more than 600% since early 2020, making Elon Musk the wealthiest person in the world. Argus Research Senior Analyst Bill Selesky predicts that Tesla stock will exceed the $ 1,000 mark this year and thinks it is worth buying even at today’s price ($ 816 at time of writing: 02/14/2021). According to Selesky, investors can still get a return greater than 20%. Tesla Motors shares are traded on major US indices such as the NASDAQ and the S&P 500.

And also, Tesla is the undoubted leader in the electric vehicle industry. However, it is unclear whether this position will hold in the coming years, as many companies are also actively producing their electric vehicles. One thing is sure: electric cars are the future, and it’s also a rapidly growing segment in auto sales, as reflected in Tesla’s stock forecast.


A brief history about Tesla

Tesla brief

However, Tesla for the first time went public in 2010, offering its 13.3 million shares for just $ 17 per share. At the time of this script, Tesla stock was valued at more than $ 800. In other words, they’ve multiplied by 50 in just 10 years! With a market capitalization of around $ 800 billion, Tesla is the world’s largest automaker by value, beating giants like Toyota and General Motors.

And also, While the world has suffered from the economic impact of COVID-19, Tesla reported a 71% increase in vehicle production in the fourth quarter equated to the same period last year. Most people believed Tesla’s goal of producing 500,000 vehicles by 2020 was almost impossible. The Californian company has nearly reached its target with the production of 499,647 cars in 2020.

Tesla stock price this year

On January 26, 2021, the highest price of the Tesla share was recorded at the end of the day and was 883.09 US dollars. The current price of the stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) is $ 678.65. This value will change automatically, so use this article to find out the cost of Tesla tomorrow.

Below is a daily chart for NASDAQ (the last close of trading was February 12, 2021), showing the share trading volume and the previous five real-time trades for Tesla shares. This chart is presented as an example of a trading day on NASDAQ.

Tesla Stock Price

Expert prediction on Tesla stock price

However, It’s important to note that Bill Selesky isn’t the only analyst with a speculative price target above $ 1,000. The most optimistic forecast came from Colin Rusch, an expert at the Oppenheimer investment bank. He expects Tesla’s target price for 2021 to be $ 1,036. We’ll talk about his prediction a little later.

Moreover, Some think these predictions might even be conservative. When Tesla proclaimed last year that it would bring half a million vehicles to market, there were many doubts. In 2020, the company produced 509,727 vehicles and launched 499,550 vehicles, right on the verge of its ambitious plan.

But, Along with its latest earnings report, Tesla reported the following: “In the coming years, we expect average annual progress in vehicle deliveries of 50%. We will increase the production volume in a few years, and the company will work hard in 2021. Should that plan become a reality, Tesla shares could soar even higher.

And also, Tesla stocks were the fastest-growing stocks in the market in 2020. This made the company’s CEO, the charismatic Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. Judging by the expectations and recommendations of analyst Colin Rusch, Musk will get even richer this year. Tesla’s target price is $ 1,036, according to Rusch.

However, In a statement, the specialist explains why he doubled the expected price target. He believes Tesla has the edge over its competitors in terms of the efficiency of making and marketing self-driving cars. That doesn’t mean that the competitors will stop: General Motors, among others, has big plans for new electric vehicles.

Incidentally, Colin Rusch is not just a Tesla fan but one of the best Wall Street analysts. According to TipRanks, Rusch ranks 12th out of 7,243 analysts. This rating is based on a loyalty rate of 64% and an average return on your predictions of 75%.

TESLA Share Price Analysis for 3 Months

To predict future price movements more accurately, we will perform a technical analysis of TESLA’s weekly price chart.

Tesla Stock Price Analysis

And also, The indicators we see in the previous chart: MACD, RSI, and Bollinger Bands indicate that the price is flat:

  • Market instability has been minimal over the past few months.
  • The sideways trend is accompanied by a sharp decline in trading activity in April (sellers and buyers are trading significantly less than in the recent past).

These signals are indirectly confirmed by the readings of the indicators (marked with blue circles):

  • Bollinger lines have fallen to their limits, which is typical of a sideways trend. If you look at the price development, there has been no such reduction since the end of 2019.
  • The RSI is near zero, and there are no signs that it will be overbought or oversold anytime soon.
  • The MACD behaves similarly and shows a sideways movement throughout 2021. By the way, crossing the zero line from the bottom up can be a solid signal to continue the uptrend.

Therefore, the expected trading range in Tesla for the next three months is in the corridor between the trend line and the confrontation level (green line): low USD 475, high USD 1000.

However, A breakout above the $ 1000 resistance level is also possible. In this case, the previous local high at 2318 becomes the new target. However, the technical analysis suggests that such a forecast is unlikely in the next three months.

Tesla Stock Price Forecast: 2022 – 2023

Tesla stock price forecast for January 2022. The forecast is for $ 1,087 in early January. The maximum value: $ 1,209. The minimum value: 1,073 USD. This means that the projected average price of Tesla stock for that month is $ 1,188. The month-end share price is expected to be $ 1,141, up 4.97% from January.

However, Tesla stock forecast for December 2022. Estimated early December at $ 1,454. Maximum value: $ 1,464. Minimum rate: 1,298 USD. This means that the projected average price of Tesla stock for that month is $ 1,399. The month-end share price expects to be $ 1,381, up -5.02% for December.

And also, Tesla stock forecast for January 2023. It is forecast to hit $ 1,381 in early January. Maximum value: $ 1,436. Minimum rate: 1,274 USD. This means that the forecast average price of Tesla stock for the month is $ 1,362, and the share price expects to be $ 1,355 at the end of the month, a -1.88% change in January.

What will the future price of Tesla shares be? Are Tesla Stocks Good To Invest In?

In 2020, Tesla was one of the few companies that made significant profits despite the pandemic. A few days ago, the company’s shares hit record highs, making Tesla boss Elon Musk the wealthiest person globally, surpassing Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

But, Based in Palo-Alto, California, USA, Tesla is one of the best-known brands in the world today. The company specializes in building “cars of the future” that require neither petrol nor diesel.

Tesla future cars

However, Tesla stock gains in value as the company’s earnings keep rising quarter by quarter. But, Today Tesla is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-tech vehicles. Everyone who has everything to do with the industry knows the name of this American company.

And also, If Tesla’s meteoric rise continues, there is no doubt that its shareholders will make huge profits in the future. So what is the forecast for Tesla stock (TSLA)? Here is a table for 2021:

Year Month Min Max Shut down General %
2021 Feb 785 886 836 -0.48%
2021 Sea 805 907 856 1.90%
2021 Apr 845 953 899 7.02%
2021 may 887 1001 944 12.38%
2021 Jun 932 1050 991 17.98%
2021 Jul 885 997 941 12.02%
2021 Aug 840 948 894 6.43%
2021 Set 883 995 939 11.79%
2021 Oct 927 1045 986 17.38%
2021 Nov 973 1097 1035 23.21%
2021 Dec 1022 1152 1087 29.40%

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