The Secret Behind The Perfect Bathroom Mirror


When discussing bathroom interior designs, mirrors are often overlooked as many of us are guilty of being too focused on our own reflections than the item itself. But after learning more about interior designs, one would know the mirror’s vital role in elevating the overall look of the bathroom. Since mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, this article will break down the key pointers to look for when picking out perfect Hollywood mirrors with lights for your bathroom! Make sure you take note of some of these key criteria when you go for your next shopping trip!

1.    Size & proportion

The key to a balanced bathroom aesthetic is the size of the mirror and its proportion compared against the vanity.

Vanity mirrors tend to run smaller than the vanity itself. A simple method to maintain the golden proportion between the mirror and the vanity will be to get a mirror that is the same size as the vanity so the two interiors line up beautifully. Custom-sized mirrors can be more useful than pre-made ones as they can be altered easily based on the size of vanities. Alternatively, you can choose a mirror that is slightly smaller than the vanity for a neater look.

Realistically, a functional mirror needs to reach at least 30 centimeters above and below eye level. However, having a taller mirror may be better as it increases the variety of viewing angles while making the bathroom appear more spacious. Position-wise, we recommend the mirror to be a minimum of 1.2 to 2 meters above floor level.

2.    Go single or have multiple!

For those with a wide vanity and have multiple sinks, there are two options to choose from: implementing multiple mirrors or installing one single mirror that is wide enough for the vanity. As for the former, having multiple tall and skinny mirrors can emphasize the height and add to the room’s vertical outlook. Meanwhile, having one big mirror makes the room more spacious as it reflects more of the opposite walls.

Installing multiple mirrors works even if there is only one sink on the vanity. Try centering the first mirror on the sink then place the second mirror beside the former. This arrangement makes the whole mirror corner appear more balanced.

3.    Adding scones between the gaps

Scones sit perfectly beside smaller mirrors in the bathroom. While the vanity light can be fixed in various positions, we recommend you install it on the sides of the mirror because it lights your face up beautifully.

For the scones to have sufficient space, the mirror installed should have a width equivalent to 60 percent of the vanity’s width. If you have multiple mirrors at hand, simply divide the ideal total width size by the number of mirrors. Without the space, these light fixtures can only sit above the vanity instead of hanging beyond the edges, consequently causing the area to look more squeezy.

4.    Installing wall-to-wall mirrors

If smaller mirrors are not your cup of tea, why not ignore the vanity size and go bold with a mirror that fills up the entire wall? A large mirror like this often runs above the toilet and emphasizes the room’s spaciousness, which can be helpful for homeowners who want to make their compact bathroom feel bigger.


Arrangement-wise, one can either run the mirror from one end of the wall to the other (including the ceiling) or extend the mirror from the corner of the vanity to the other corner of a nearby object. If you are opting for the latter, do note that the mirror needs to fill most of the wall to achieve the wall-to-wall look. Adding on, the length of the mirror, in this case, should be aligned to the fixtures below it to avoid the mirror from looking out of place.

5.    To frame or not to frame

When it comes to frames, more homeowners prefer a frameless mirror. The popularity of the frames is often attributed to their cost-effectiveness while elevating the overall style of the bathroom. Frameless mirrors’ modern appeal works best in minimalist spaces without too much decor as it makes the space look airy and clean.

But a framed mirror has its own perks too! For starters, look for mirrors with a simple frame that uses textural material (e.g. wood) that is not too busy. Simple frames give the mirror a finished look without making the area feel cluttered. Round mirrors are a good alternative if you like framed mirrors, this is especially for homeowners who want a mirror that compliments their wallpaper print.

6.    Medicine cabinet mirrors

It’s time to talk practical. When talking about functionality, medicine cabinet mirrors precede the rest. Medicine cabinet mirrors look best when you insert them into the wall, so they won’t look too much of a jumble. When installing, it is best you consult a professional who can advise you whether the wall cavity in the house is suitable for this type of mirror.

To prevent the room from looking squeezed with this mirror, we suggest opting for a no-frame cabinet along with some lighting under the cabinet. These additional steps go a long way to make the bathroom feel more open.

7.    Suspended mirror

For homeowners with an unusual bathroom layout or maybe a window that is inconveniently placed, it is important to remember that there is no rule that states mirrors have to be hung flat on the wall. There are a variety of ways to add the suspended mirror into your bathroom design – whether you hang it from the ceiling or even mount it on the rails of your vanity table.


Before you embark on your next mirror shopping trip, it will be helpful if you can narrow down your ideal mirror in terms of its size, proportion to the vanity, frames, and placements. This article consolidated the general guideline when it comes to picking the perfect mirror, but do note that ultimately, the mirror should reflect your personal preference. Keep an open mind about the mirrors and believe in the process!




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