Top furniture hacks to save money while relating in India

As we all know, relocating from one place to another can always be hectic no matter how much we plan according to and try to reduce.

The cost of relocating our stuff will always run out of our budget, especially when we move from one state to another.

In this blog, you can get a simple idea of relocating with cost efficiency and how to save money when you plan to move all your goods from one state to other. It doesn’t always have to be absolute chaos. However, this can give a simple hack about the furniture and materials related to it, saving you tons of money at the end of the month. Renting and buying from wholesale retailers are the best way to save money while relocating.

Renting furniture

This is the most cost-efficient way to prevent you from going bankrupt while relocating. You don’t necessarily have to purchase furniture costing you money or an EMI burden. You can rent out furniture and supplies to save money. Your pay will depend on every month, and the cost will be very friendly, even in a very busy city, with a refundable deposit.

 AC Renting

One of the most effective ways to save money is by not spending on owning the furniture but rather using it on rentals. When moving from one state to another in India, AC on rent in Gurgaon is very affordable. Rather than purchasing an air conditioner and spending more than 25k, you can rent the air conditioner.

Renting an AC can cost you from 1500-4000 per month. However, comparing the electric charge and the EMI cost of buying a new AC can add more to your planned budget. Not just in Gurgaon, shifting from one city to another would affect the chances of renting out on ACs. Many retail stores offer such facilities in any city in India. Whichever state you prefer to move to, always consider renting out the AC can save money.

Bed Rental

Renting out furniture and appliances is the best option to save money during relocation. Renting out beds is a better option than purchasing them. There are many rental furniture stores available in any city in India. Considering moving from cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc., rent bed in Bangalore and other top cities which are very flexible and also a very efficient way to not spend most of your salary on purchasing a new bed. You get to choose the size and the material of the bed. Be it king-size or queen-size. You can rent it starting from  500- 1500 per month. Looking at the actual price of buying a bed which costs more than 20,000, you will be able to save money in your relocated region of the country without spending all your money.

Wardrobe Rental

An actual wardrobe can cost you more than 5000 in cities known for their hotspots. However, renting out a wardrobe is possible even in cities like this. It can look like an ample price to spend on owning a wardrobe. But renting out a wardrobe starts from 400. So, this is a super furniture hack you should be considering while shifting from one region to another. By renting out a wardrobe, you’ll be saving so much money, and you can also terminate the rental when you are planning to buy your furniture. This will also save you money until the process.

Other rentals

As other rentals mentioned above, there are other furniture rentals you can rent out home and kitchen appliances like tables, shoe racks, bookshelves, chairs and stools, and sofas etc., make sure the stores you choose to purchase from offer the best deal and also browse all the stores before selecting one.

Like rental, purchasing from manufacturers directly rather than storerooms can save you lots of money. Toss out other stuff you might not need while relocating.

Carry less as possible to avoid the burden. Choosing a rental will always be a better option to save money while relocating to India. However, it’s a matter of preference, so choose anything that is budget friendly and cost-efficient.


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