What is retargeting? So you can attract more people to your website

Did you know that retargeting is an excellent way to publicize your brand and gain space within the competitive world of the internet? This marketing strategy will allow you to place advertisements in different areas so that your audience can see them and have more knowledge about your brand.

Many times it takes more than one first impression to generate a good impact.

That is why retargeting allows you to create a campaign with specific ads for those users who have already had previous contact with your business digitally.

The following article will explain everything about what retargeting is, how it works, and how you can apply it to get more visits to your website. Take note of this information!

What does retargeting allow?

Indeed it has ever happened to you that, browsing an online store, you have seen an article that you loved and, from that moment.

You begin to see advertising for that product every time you browse any Internet page. This happens thanks to retargeting!

It is a digital marketing strategy that consists of configuring the appearance of paid ads to internet users who have previously interacted with your website.

The goal of it is to increase visits to your website. Likewise, this advertising strategy also helps increase the recognition of your brand and the possibility of making a sale of the product or service you are offering on the internet.

Some of the retargeting channels that you can use to advertise your business are:

Social retargeting

Display advertising:

In this way, to retarget, banners are placed with personalized messages that appear before users visit other websites.
Advertising on social networks: retargeting can be done on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. You can configure the appearance of ads related to those pages with which the user previously interacted with the help of online video editors.

Online Video Editor

It is an online video editor that helps you create social advertising, stories and feed post videos with the perfect template and aspect ratio. You can share your created videos directly to your business profile using InVideo.

Email marketing:

This retargeting channel is widely used by eCommerce stores, especially when a customer leaves a purchase unfinished. This is done to send the user a series of notices not to forget to complete their purchase.

Types of retargeting

Before learning how to run a retargeting campaign, it is essential to know the different ways to develop this type of strategy.

The Digital Content blog, which specialized in Digital Marketing issues, has identified six types of it, which we will mention below.

Site retargeting

It is based on implementing a cookie in each visitor’s browser to your website to display ads related to your page when they enter other platforms.

Dynamic retargeting

This model applies explicitly to its strategies for e-commerce stores.

There are usually many articles so that the user can only see ads for those products that are of interest to them.

Social retargeting

This is a very similar model to a site it, but with the particularity that the advertisements will appear every time users enter their social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Email retargeting

This retargeting also uses the implementation of cookies in the browsers of visiting users.

But it differs because the advertising in question is disseminated through email.

CRM retargeting

This way of retargeting is a bit more complex than the previous ones.

Since CRM email software compares the email databases you have on your website with the available cookies.

In this way, they can show ads from your website to people who have been in contact with your brand, even if it was not recent.

Search retargeting

Here, it is based on sending advertising to users, depending on the type of searches on the internet.

How to run a successful retargeting campaign?

If you are interested in applying a retargeting strategy for your digital business.

The Cyberclick portal recommends following the following tips

  • Segment your campaigns well
  • Choose the landing page well
  • Limit the frequency and duration of campaigns
  • Vary the creatives
  • Adapt to the different phases of the funnel
  • Do A / B tests
  • Measure with the correct tools

If you will use a retargeting strategy to attract more users to your website, remember to check the quality of the content on your page. The information you offer must be clear, and of interest to the public, so they will be more interested in exploring your website

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