What To Do If An Insurance Adjuster Calls After A Car Accident?

Unfortunate Reality of Car Accidents

Car accidents, a reality of life, are the most unfortunate event. These accidents can cause a minor disruption in your life, or they can cause you a significant and forever life-changing event.

No accident happens unless someone is negligent. The negligent person can be you, other people, a company, or a defect in a product from the manufacturer. When you are involved in a vehicle accident, you must remember to take the proper steps, and they are as follows.

  • Call 9-1-1 to report the accident and request medical assistance.
  • Get medically treated. You and those injured come first.
  • Give your statement to the police. Choose your words carefully when you tell the police what happened. Never admit fault and lead the police to believe you were the one who caused the accident. Law enforcement and insurance companies usually record what you say to them, so it leaves no doubt in the minds of the court should your case become a court battle.
  • Exchange insurance information.
  • Get pictures of the accident site.
  • Get witnesses, names, and contact information.
  • Call your insurance company to report the accident.
  • Call your negligent accident, injury, death, attorney.

Every vehicle accident is different from minor fender benders to major accidents causing severe injuries and death. If you are involved in a car accident, it means someone was negligent in their actions that caused this accident. You must call an attorney if you are the victim due to a person’s negligent actions.

Vehicle accidents are complex, complicated, and sometimes tricky to figure out. No one is going to admit fault or take the blame for what happened, especially if any of the drivers involved in your accident are uninsured. This issue adds even more complexity to your case.

However, you are a responsible driver, and you do have car insurance with a company you have trusted for many years. Perhaps you consider your insurance agent a good friend. You must call your agent and let them know what happened as soon as possible. As with giving your statement to the police or insurance company, you never admit fault to anyone, including your best friend, who is your insurance agent.

This accident shocked you, and perhaps you would be just as surprised if we told you your insurance agent was not your friend at the time of your accident. Your insurance agent works for a company whose primary goal is not to pay you what you deserve. Making and keeping money is the goal for insurance companies.

Your insurance agent friend works for a company whose primary focus is not you. An agent cannot work to better two entities; it does not happen. Choose your words wisely and never admit fault or say you are sorry for the accident. Comments like this tend to make the police and insurance company believe you are the guilty driver.

We are seasoned, experienced, and skilled attorneys who know all of the tricks, strategies, and manipulative tactics insurance companies use on their customers. You are no different because you think your agent friend will only act in your best interest. It is best to keep this information in mind when giving your statement to the police and your insurance company.

It is not unusual for your insurance company agent or the other driver’s insurance company to call you and offer a settlement. If your accident was severe, you could not calculate your losses effectively enough to ensure that you have enough money as you advance into the future.

When Insurance Adjusters Call You 

First, settlements offered by insurance companies may seem remarkable; however, please believe us when we say these settlements are never enough. Insurance companies work hard to minimize the compensation on your valid insurance claim. It is common practice for other insurance companies to call you.

Insurance companies want to settle your claim as soon as possible and not later. Later means they are afraid they will have to pay you more of a settlement. They may say they are concerned and wanted to see how you were doing. Insurance companies are aggressive when they call presenting to care about you. Know that they are undoubtedly taking a recorded statement from you.

Never accept the first settlement and find out it was a mistake in the future because there was not nearly enough money to pay for your unexpected costs. You cannot file another claim because accepting the settlement means the case is closed. You cannot sue for the same accident again. No one, even your doctor, can foretell the future.

Will you have symptoms and new health issues arise in the future caused by your accident?

No one knows for sure. Some injuries take time to develop. The best thing you can do is not take their call until you hire a seasoned and skilled attorney specializing in a negligent accident, injury, and death cases. Then, you can refer calls to your attorney. When insurance companies or other attorneys call you, their calls may record what you say. Use caution no matter who they are.

Sometimes you may want to talk to your insurance adjuster, and you cannot make contact. You leave a message after a message for your agent friend, but you get no response. Not being available when you call them is a tactic they frequently use. Insurance companies make it frustrating for you, so when you finally get to talk to them, they make you a less than adequate settlement offer, hoping you will accept it to be over with the mess.

Sometimes insurance companies make no offers; they send out a check to you in the hopes you will cash it, and once you do, your case is closed. They hope that you will take what you can get. Never fall for these tactics. You deserve to be treated better and secure a fair and just settlement.

We urge you not to be stuck with mounting medical bills, property damage, pain, suffering, no job or income, and more, because this first settlement is insufficient to cover all your costs. These debts can be as life-changing as your injuries, all because someone was negligent in their actions; now, you are paying the price. Never let a negligent person off the hook.

We Can Help You Recoup Your Losses from Your Car Accident

While other states may vary in their statute of limitations, North Carolina law says you are allowed three years from the date of your accident to file a settlement claim. Insurance companies know this and can drag their feet on contacting you regarding a settlement. You must file a claim as soon as possible.

When insurance companies know you have a seasoned lawyer fighting for your victim’s rights for a fair and just settlement, things change quickly. This is an excellent reason to contact a skilled attorney to fight for your rights. We can take care of everything for you. Your responsibility is to recover from your injuries.

Give us a call as soon as possible; we want to hear about your situation and help. We will let you know if you have a good case for a negligent accident. To sum everything up, when an insurance adjuster calls you,

  • Please provide them with limited personal information.
  • Do not answer a question about your accident and give no details.
  • Do not discuss your injuries.
  • Never accept a settlement. Refer the caller to your attorney.
  • Take notes, document your accident, keep copies of everything, such as medical notes and police reports. Refer callers to your attorney to answer their questions.
  • You are not rude to your (best friend), your insurance adjuster.
  • These questions are all about business.
  • These questions are not about friendships.

You can tell insurance companies that these are the directives your attorney gave you, and you must abide by them. Tell them to please call your attorney for answers to all their questions. This statement lets you off the hook, and the sooner your insurance friend understands this, the better things go for their company. It is nothing personal, only business.


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