Why You Should Replace Your Windows And Doors


When it comes to the windows and doors, it might not occur to you that there is a need to change them regularly. They look fine, but are they really? In fact, did you know that there are several benefits to replacing your windows and doors, even if they may not seem faulty or old? Let us share more with you here!

More Winter And Summer Comfort

Before searching for a New Jersey replacement window company, understand that replacing old drafty windows with single-pane ones can vastly improve your home’s ability to retain warmth by 50%. On the contrary, getting high-performing replacement windows can reduce the amount of solar heat gain by 50% as well. Hence, adjusting your windows to the season can help boost comfortability during that period as well. Not only will you keep warm and toasty during the cold winters, but you’ll be able to enjoy cool, breezy temperatures in your home even if it’s 90 degrees outside. 

Wear And Tear

Another common reason to replace doors and windows is because of the climate, which can significantly impact the lifespan of your furniture. Long-term exposure to harsh elements can cause wear and tear, even on the sturdiest materials. For example, storm damage on windows can leave a hard pinch on the exterior of your house. Depending on the severity of the storm and how your windows are broken, some may be damaged beyond repair. In such a case, it might be better to replace them with new ones altogether.

Increase Curb Appeal

Think that the benefits above are not attractive enough? Changing up your doors and windows for a fresher, trendier look can create an immediately stunning impact on your home’s exterior. Depending on your preference, you can choose one that compliments a traditional or contemporary styled home. Moreover, having a stylish look will subsequently draw in people’s interest and increase the curb appeal of your house.

Increased Resale Value

If you’re planning to move out anytime soon, you might want to start looking at maintaining the exterior envelope of your home. Not only does switching up your windows and doors help with the overall aesthetics, but it also helps to solve any window-related problems that may surface during an inspection. Although you can’t expect to recoup the entire investment, switching old windows for energy-efficient wooden ones can save up to 69.5% of the project on resale. 

Matching Aesthetics

If you’re living in an old house, you might notice that some windows and doors may not all be of the same age. As time goes by, homeowners may choose to replace windows one at a time, or not at all, depending on their preferences. Unfortunately, this can leave a house with a disarray of styles, materials, and looks. 

As such, choosing to replace one or two problematic windows or all windows at one go is up to you. Replacing everything gives you the liberty of choosing windows that suit your preference and complement your house’s overall style well. 

Reduced Maintenance Costs

In recent years, many windows and doors are now designed with the goal of making them low maintenance. This means that vinyl frames won’t need to be repainted every few years and fiberglass will never have its factory paint worn off. Hardware systems are also made to be long-lasting as they are made of die-cast zinc or stainless steel that has gone through multiple tests to ensure that it is durable in the long run. In fact, some companies may also provide you with a lifetime warranty that covers both labor and materials!

Improved Home Security

Ensuring safety and security within your own home is non-negotiable. All windows and doors must be tested for forced entry by a national certification organization, such as the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association). Furthermore, do take note of the windows and doors have a multiple-point locking system that makes breaking or entering impossible. 

Windows And Doors

Reduced Sound Transmission

The new and improved doors and windows are able to reduce the amount of sound being transmitted. This means that you would have quieter nights if you live near the road or have a noisy neighbor. Windows and doors are the weakest in terms of controlling sound so making the switch would give you a whole ‘new’ living environment. 


Have you ever thought of windows and doors to be good for the environment? Strange as it is, these things affect our environment more than we think. As climate change becomes a bigger and bigger issue, making a switch to new windows and doors can help make the next step to a better tomorrow. This can be done by adding bigger glass windows which will allow more natural light into the house, reducing your need to use less energy to cool or heat the room as well as providing sufficient lighting into your apartment. 

Reduced Energy Bills

For us homeowners, hefty bills are paid each month to keep our houses either warm and toasty, or cool and insulated. However, having less-than-ideal exterior windows and doors can cause large amounts of hot and cold air to escape the interior of the house. As such, changing inefficient furniture for new and improved alternatives can reduce your energy bills by 25%. As energy prices rise, won’t it be good to save extra money? 

Return On Investment (ROI)

Are you aware of the return of investment when it comes to investing and making the switch to new and improved doors and windows? According to a 2019 study over 136 U.S. markets, the ROI for window and door replacements can go anywhere from 80-90%! Moreover, the report ranks window replacement as one of the top five highest return of investment projects. What about that?

Tax Incentives And Rebates

Who does not like a little bit of discount or finding out new ways to save some extra money? Making the switch to a new efficient door and window can do just that for you. Did you know that certain federal governments have reinstated tax credits or rebates just for switching windows and doors to energy-efficient alternatives? In fact, according to the local federal tax credit, Puget Sound Energy customers were given the opportunity to earn $750 cashback on door and window replacements, as long as the repair work has been done by insured, bonded, and licensed companies. This helps to ensure that the contractor can provide quality workmanship and provide you with necessary information and tips regarding energy-efficient practices. 


If you’ve been feeling disgruntled looking at your windows and doors, it might be time to switch them up. There are many long-term benefits to changing existing furniture –– such as a reduction in energy bills, minimized noise transmission, increased curb appeal, and more.

Windows And Doors

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