6 Reasons You Should Consider a Business Development Career

Many people equate business development with marketing, even though the two have differences.

Marketing is more focused on developing market strategies to increase sales. But in some companies, some make marketing a part of business development.

These two jobs are different, but they are closely related.

With the emergence of more startup companies, the opportunity for a career in business development is also increasing rapidly.

This happens because every company is competing to be at the forefront. It is also where the role of business development becomes very much needed in every company.

Before starting, let’s look at the expert’s conversation about the intricacies of a career in business development.

How? More interested?

If you’re starting to consider a business development career, don’t miss these 6 reasons that can convince you even more!

You will get a lot of knowledge in the technical field

  • The first thing that could be the reason you choose a career in business development is specialized knowledge that will be very useful for your future.
  • Many technical things you will learn when you become a member of business development, and you have to learn them quickly.
  • Like when you have to propose, you expect to master it quickly.
  • In learning to make proposals, you are also required to understand innovations, the latest technologies, and best practice approaches for specific issues.
  • You also have the opportunity to study and discuss with other professionals to produce exciting proposals.
  • An additional advantage is that you can store all the knowledge you gain, and you can apply it if one day you want to work on your project.
  • If you learn a lot of things, you can choose to study one of them later. People who work in business development admit that getting practical and technical experience is better than those who attend entry-level training programs.

Get valuable skills that are enough to support your future career

  • It would help if you considered a business development career because you will get many valuable skills for your future job.
  • Work experience is essential for you to write on your CV, but the skills you get are even more critical to support your career.
  • It feels useless if you write about work experience without being able to show the skills you have.
  • The company appreciates the role of business development because its function is very crucial for the survival of the company.
  • With the provision as business development, you are likely to be taken into account even if you choose a different type of work.
  • A business development person can write briefly and persuasively, prepare realistic budgets, develop partnerships, and work with diverse teams.

Big opportunities

  • It seems that not many people think about pursuing a career in business development, so of course, the opportunity is still quite large in this one field.
  • Many people want a more focused career, such as a management trainee or program officer.
  • If you haven’t gotten a job opportunity in the position you previously wanted, it never hurts to try it.
  • Currently, many start-up companies require a lot of business development personnel.
  • This is because many companies are competing to dominate the market. Before one can dominate the market, the competition will continue.
  • It will always need to develop its business and not be left behind by competing companies.

Promising salary

  • Not a few companies promise a basic salary and incentives for workers in business development who can meet the company’s targets.
  • It is one whose role can measure directly by the company. Business development performance will easily measure by knowing the increase or decrease in the company’s income.
  • Because it directly influences the company, business development becomes important and makes it a good salary.
  • Another advantage is, if the company’s income declines or you can’t meet the company’s targets, you will still get your base salary.
  • So even though you get more when the company earns more, you don’t get less when the company makes less. But of course, you will be more motivated to get more, right?

Work closely with leadership and senior experts

  • The fifth reason to consider a business development career is working closely with company leaders and senior experts.
  • Besides being able to learn and increase knowledge, you also have the opportunity to be able to highlight your presence in the company.
  • You can show your potential and make the HR department look at you and consider you to develop your career even more.
  • By working like this, you are also expanding your professional network. A more comprehensive network will help you more easily develop a career both inside and outside the company.
  • Not infrequently, superiors want to recommend their former employees to other companies in need.

Open up an array of career opportunities in the future

  • Choosing business development as your initial career doesn’t mean you have to keep doing the same job.
  • It can also be a stepping stone to many other careers. It is not uncommon for companies to transfer employees from it to join their new start-up project team.
  • Employees with previous experience in this field are considered to be among the most knowledgeable about the program.

Of course, you can be confident to try other careers with the many skills you get while working in it.

If you are brave enough, you can also build your own business and practice what you have previously learned.

These are 6 reasons that might help you consider a business development career. If you are a person with good analytical skills and interested in the business world, make sure you don’t miss a career in it.

You will develop the company’s business and develop yourself because you can get a lot of knowledge from this one job.

Feel suitable for this profession? Immediately look for job vacancies, come on.

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