Business Ethics: How Entrepreneurs Must Behave

Who doesn’t want to become an entrepreneur? If it’s successful, you get both money and fame. But launching a company is not as easy as playing at In this case, you should improve not only your hard skills but also your ethical behavior. These easy rules will help you succeed.


The traditions of society imply that an entrepreneur should dress and behave appropriately. The view of a businessman as a reserved and self-confident person in a strict monochrome suit is slowly dying out. Successful startups are guys in T-shirts and jeans, dressed that way because they feel comfortable. However, until now, contact with the state or senior partners involves a strict dress code. In this case, you should not rebel against tradition, which plays into your own hands.

Gestures, Movements and Facial Expressions

Understanding the basic principles of psychology and body language is very important for a successful entrepreneur – it is necessary to understand the subtext of what is said during negotiations. Negotiations are a game on several levels at once. The interlocutor learns not only what has been said, but also what has been left “behind,” such as mannerisms and facial expressions.

In a negotiation, you should be reserved and serious. But this can vary depending on your interlocutors. Italians are known for their temperament, and if you talk to them with restraint, you risk making a bad impression. The Japanese, on the other hand, are extremely nonchalant.  Business protocol and etiquette can be disregarded in certain situations – focus on your partners.

Specifics and norms of behavior at a business meeting recommend controlling emotions. Laughter or upsetting is acceptable, but it should be a deliberate move. It is best to rehearse behavior and phrases in advance for the upcoming negotiations.


An orderly desk is considered a sign of a reliable and professional person. Don’t go overboard – pedantry will not be well-received in all industries. Clutter on the desk indicates a person’s unprofessionalism, regardless of whether or not that is actually the case. A pile of papers, stationery, and a clear misunderstanding of where things lie will have a bad effect on your reputation.

On the table, a family photo and an anti-stress toy are acceptable – it shows that the employee spends a lot of time at work, but nothing human is alien to him. A large number of items not related to work, such as books or magazines, is best avoided. Otherwise, you will get the impression that you are doing the wrong thing in the workplace.

Rules of Business Communication

Appreciate the Time

In a business environment, tardiness is unacceptable. This applies as much to trello business pricing meetings as it does to meeting your obligations. Any tardiness, any failure to meet deadlines matters, because your partner already has expectations of you.

If you do happen to be late, be sure to warn them. It will be a nuisance, but a much smaller one. This way you show that the meeting is important to you, and that you sincerely regret being late.

Hear and Listen

Give your employees the opportunity to speak. People like to talk about themselves, and if you listen to them and engage in the conversation, you’ll earn a lot of points in the eyes of your partner. If you listen instead of focusing on your own speech, you will understand your partner’s goals and desires. Sometimes it’s difficult – the interlocutor may speak slowly, inarticulate or uninterested. But it’s in your own interest.

Listening is not the same as hearing. It is not enough to hear the conversation, it is important to be able to understand the context of what is being said and what is left out. At a critical moment in a negotiation, you can and should get emotionally involved. The interlocutor needs to see your return.

Speak Correctly

Make a list of words that are difficult for you. Practice their pronunciation and use in context. Avoid colloquial and even more profane expressions. If you’re not sure about the meaning of a word, it’s better not to use it, because there is a chance of making a mistake. Finally, get rid of meaningless words.

Rules of Phone Conversations

This is a whole art. An employee who knows how to present himself and his product competently over the phone, without causing irritation to the person he is talking to, is worth a lot. Phone calls are still popular, despite the fact that some of their communication functions have been taken over by messengers. It is necessary to prepare for a telephone conversation beforehand – it is unacceptable to waste the interlocutor’s time in vain.

Increase the Effectiveness of Negotiations

Sketch out a script for the phone call. This will be a reference point and will help you when it comes to the call. Be sure to practice your pronunciation – the person on the other end should understand you well.

Don’t forget to be polite. Introduce yourself, use your first and last names, and ask if you’re comfortable speaking. If not, it is better to call back later.


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