WiFi or network cable: what is better to connect the console to the Internet?

Until the arrival of the WiFi connection, to connect a computer to the Internet or another computer, we needed a network card and an Ethernet cable.

What we call network cable. Thanks to WiFi, we can connect dozens of devices to the Internet without cables.

Both solutions are suitable for accessing the Internet. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

So if you are considering connecting your PS4, PS5, or Xbox to the network of networks via network cable or WiFi, it is convenient to keep many aspects in mind.

Let’s review the characteristics we are looking for in our online connection and which option is the best stop.

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A cable is always the best option. There is no discussion. But yes, nuances. A network cable gives you all the speed you have hired.

An Ethernet cable usually offers a minimum of 100 Mbps. Come on, the minimum that today you can hire fiber optic. Depending on the network card and the type of network cable, we can upload up to 1 Gbps. Considering that fiber optics can be contracted at speeds of 300 or 600 Mbps, it is more than enough.

Unlike the network cable, the WiFi signal can offer different speeds depending on various factors. And be successful. Distance between router and game console, objects between them, devices connected simultaneously … In theory, if your router is recent, it will use WiFi 5, the current standard. With the 5 GHz band, you can reach a maximum speed of 1.3 Gbps. Note that in the previous middle, WiFi 4, the top speed is 600 Mbps. And the next generation, WiFi 6, available on PlayStation 5, is capped at 10 Gbps.

Come on; both technologies give us more speed than we can contract if we have access to fiber optics, the fastest option on the market. The key is in the reliability of both connections. Download movies in full HD bhool bhulaiyaa full movie online hotstar

Speed matters a lot when it comes to deciding on the specific nature of your internet requirements. For example, if you love to use the pirate bay, you will want fast speeds top aid your downloading processes. If you do not use the internet for downloading content, then you will not have the same type of requirements.

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The reliability

As I said in the previous section, the cable is the best option. Not because it offers more speed. With the data in hand, the WiFi connection gives more of itself than Ethernet. It is a matter of evolution. But keep in mind that the network cable has no signal loss. Yes, on the other hand, the WiFi connection can have it.

If you are going to play in local mode, the cable is also a great option since it offers speed and stability without accessing the Internet. However, the usual thing is to play online and remotely.

Hat your game console is far from the router will affect the speed received. Also that there are walls, furniture, or other elements that interfere with the signal. Or simply that you have many devices connected to the Internet at the same time.

But here, we can find a paradox: to join the game console to the router via network cable; the console must be close to it. And if so, the WiFi connectivity will be good enough to do without the line. All in all, we can pull the cable over long distances.

This does not have to be a compelling reason for everyone. The first thing is to do a test or speed test to see if your WiFi offers the speed and stability necessary to play online from PlayStation or  Xbox in its different versions.

With the speed test, you will also find out if your WiFi offers excessive latency, a factor to consider if you are going to play online. The network cable is also a clear winner in latency, although the WiFi can also behave in good conditions.

And if you have no choice but to pull the WiFi connection, there are many solutions to take advantage of all the speeds available wherever your game console is.

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