What is Telemarketing and how can it help you increase your sales?


Telemarketing is a form of direct marketing where a business advisor uses the telephone line to communicate with potential clients. In addition, it is a technique that companies have been using for years and continues to be important due to its effectiveness in increasing sales.

By establishing a direct link between the company and the client, personalized communication serves to publicize a product or service, obtain relevant information about our audience and convert these prospects into leads.

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Objectives of telemarketing


Like radio and television, this technique is a means of communication to achieve a goal. What you can perform at a glance with the implementation of telemarketing is:

  • Create, maintain and update the customer database.
  • Capture and follow-up of potential clients.
  • Set up research, study, and market satisfaction meetings.
  • Advise and resolve possible doubts in consumers.
  • Organize events and confirm the attendance of commercial advisers.
  • Call reception must be practical and positive.

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Functions of telemarketing operators

In the past, the telemarketer was a straightforward common salesperson. Today he is more than that; he is a client advisor. The job of an advisor is to understand and adapt to the needs of consumers. And the general purpose is to communicate, advise, contact and satisfy.

You must know about the sales, products, and services you are providing. In addition to learning about telephony and computing, you must work under pressure and without supervision.

Other functions to perform:

  • Search and advise on any incident, problem, or query from customers.
  • It is creative and dynamic.
  • Receive and transmit information with external agents.
  • Possesses teamwork skills.
  • Make the sale and promote the new products through the communication channels established by the company.
  • Maintains the direct link between the company and the customer.
  • Efficiently manage administrative documentation.
  • You can manage a negotiation.

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Telemarketing in business


This well-used technique achieves excellent results. It is an option for customer service mainly due to the large number of sites on the internet. In this way, it collaborates with the capture of opinions to improve the company.

Some important reasons to keep in mind:

Customer data:

The databases with customer information: sex, age, city, among others, allow a closer approach to the public. This achieves a more efficient service and satisfies the customer.


The dialogue between the operator and the person improves better care and clarification of possible uncertainties.

Zero visits:

It is a complementary element that replaces the visits made at the customer’s door.

Sale of several products:

When the customer calls for a specific product and does not have a positive result. During the conversation, the needs can come out, which is the moment to suggest another type of product or service.

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Gather information:

Engaging in the conversation with the customer provides additional data to improve the operation of the business.

Real-time monitoring:

You can make any changes if the telemarketing campaign is not working. It is something immediate that can value and change.

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Advantages of Telemarketing

Firstly, it is a direct medium between the company and the client, thus providing more personalized and interactive service.

Secondly, the feedback provides by the client is immediate, which allows flexibility, adapting at the moment to the positive or negative responses that receive.

Thoroughly, facilitates monitoring and continuous research on the satisfaction and performance of products and services based on the relevant information provided by the client.

It is easy to evaluate, thus quickly measuring and analyzing the data obtained and achieved results.

Telemarketing is accessible and inexpensive, thus expanding the scope of the business without the need to invest large sums of money.

It allows you to provide a large amount of information about your products and services and different offers and promotions, thus going into more detail than other marketing techniques.

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How to apply Telemarketing to increase the sales of your company?

It is important to generate databases for your business that use efficiently and constantly expanding. These can be generated from previous records, such as online subscriptions, purchase history, participation contests, etc. Pre-existing databases with phone records on potential customers can also be purchased. Only with complete and relevant databases can sales success be achieved.

You have to understand and know potential customers as much as possible to establish the best possible communication and not feel an intrusive interaction.

Being constant and empathetic, always listening to the client, and adapting to their reactions. Moreover, You have to leave the classic marketing methods that only sought to force a sale and strive to achieve an emotional bond, generating confidence in the client about what is being offered.

Having the services of a Call Center or Contact Center since having a professional team trained in customer service allows greater control of calls and more excellent optimization of time and resources.

Faced with a complex global landscape where customers are increasingly more informed and a competitive market where it is more challenging to make a space, techniques such as telemarketing continue to remain relevant. If used effectively, customer loyalty can be achieved.

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