10 short-term financial goals to keep your pocketbook happy in 2021

Need help setting your 2021 short-term financial goals? You have come to the right place! Have you ever made ends meet, looked at your bank account, and been in shock? At what point did you spend all that money ?! If this has happened to you, you need to set financial goals.

Are you ready to create financial goals to help you achieve success? The financial goals will serve as incentives to make good use of your personal finances. These will give you purpose and drive you to achieve your personal and professional goals, through good money management.

In today’s article, you will discover out how to set financial goals. Finally, you will know the 10 short-term financial goals that you need to apply in your life immediately this 2021.

Shall we start?

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10 short-term financial goals for 2021

You have already learned how to set short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals. So, the time has come to talk to you about some examples of short-term financial goals that you need to apply to your life immediately to organize your finances and have a year with financial peace of mind.

1. Assess your current financial situation

What is your monthly income? How much money do you have saved? Do you have debts to pay? Do you owe money to someone? And do they owe you money? These are just some questions you have to ask yourself to determine your financial situation.

You can start by sorting your financial documents and classifying them. Also, you can make a note in a schedule of all the information you find to, finally, review it and determine what your financial needs are and what expenses to prioritize.

2. Make a monthly budget

One of the important short-term financial goals is knowing how to organize your money every month. To develop a personal budget, it is important, to be honest about your financial situation: be clear about your income; then determine what your fixed expenses are; And finally, decide what you will do with the excess money.

3. Create a monthly savings plan

Each person will create a savings plan according to their characteristics, needs, and financial objectives.

Divide your goal. When you have a specific goal, divide it into small amounts to avoid being overwhelmed and schedule savings.

What is leftover from the day. The method that we all had when we were little! Save the coins and bills that you have leftover from your daily budget in a piggy bank. At the end of the year, you will have saved more than you imagine.

We know that starting to save can be difficult, so we suggest using this monthly savings table in Excel to achieve your financial goals in the short and medium term more easily.

4. Establish an emergency fund

Accidents and unexpected expenses, by your definition, are unpredictable. When this happens, it hurts us to turn to the money we were saving to go on vacation or buy the car of our dreams. Or, worse, you need to borrow or use the money you use for your fixed expenses. For this reason, we recommend that you have an emergency fund.

As one of your short-term financial goals set aside an amount of money that you think could cover expenses in the event of a sudden event, such as paying medical bills or a sudden trip.

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5. Avoid using credit cards

Abusing your credit card is a terrible financial habit! Credit cards must be for particular expenses. If you use a credit card indiscriminately, the chances are that you do not have enough funds to pay it off at the end of the month, and you accumulate debt.

Set one of your 2021 short-term financial goals to be debt-free. Use your credit cards only when you have the exact amount of money to pay on time or in emergencies.

6. Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Do you eat away from home every day? And do you usually buy new clothes every month? Do you spend too much on every outing with your friends? Do you have subscriptions to all streaming services and only use one? Stop there! It is time to review your consumption habits.

We are all used to a particular lifestyle, but we will realize that we spend a lot on unnecessary things if we look closely. One of your short-term financial goals may be to reduce your entertainment expenses and avoid compulsive shopping.

For example, instead of eating at restaurants every day, reduce it to weekends and take your lunch to work. Instead of buying clothes every month, invest in basic pieces and buy only specific items when you need them.

All the changes are made progressively, so don’t worry if it gets complicated at first or if you exceed your entertainment budget a bit. If you need a tool to help you with this financial goal, we recommend a cost calculator to be more conscious in managing your money.

7. Determine how to invest your money

Set as one of your short-term financial goals for 2021, start investing. Many believe that the investment world is only for millionaires, but they are wrong! There are different types of investments, suitable for all budgets. Although most investments involve taking risks, do sneak research and weigh the potential risks against the potential benefits.

On the other hand, if you already have investments, go ahead and diversify. One of your financial goals in 2021 may be to take the next step and find an investment fund that provides you with better returns.

8. Start a retirement plan

short-term financial goals

It’s not at all too early to think about the future! As one of your financial and savings goals, ensure your retirement by acquiring an account to deposit a fixed amount every month. Also, you can opt for any of the specialized tools that banks offer you to start a retirement fund.

9. Use digital tools to optimize your finances

Today, we live in a world of technology, and what better idea than to take advantage of digital tools to meet your financial goals. Thanks to smartphones, you have access at your fingertips to applications that will help you plan financial goals in an instant.

With just one click, you can download the best personal finance apps that will help you organize your expenses, invest your money and save. Do not miss it!

10. Make automatic savings

How does this work? Talk to your bank advisor and determine an amount that will be withdrawn from your account automatically every month. Without realizing it, you will save enough to meet your financial goals in the medium and long term! Many banks have gone digital and give you the option to automate your savings.


We hope you liked today’s article as much as we did. Now you know how to set financial goals to manage your money better. Start by defining your short-term financial goals and get inspired by this list. We know it will help you organize your finances!

Don’t forget that everyone has different financial goals and that they can change over time. Put together an action plan based on your current needs, but don’t be afraid to update it if the landscape changes or your priorities evolve.

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