5 strategies to improve your company’s finance

Improving the finance of your company should always be a goal in your organization, especially for 2021.

Having a strategy to improve your company’s finance will prevent you from just going with the flow and being adrift of what may happen.

Therefore, here are 5 strategies that will help you improve productivity and finance in your company.

Establish goals, processes, and deadlines to improve your company’s finance

  • The first pace to improving your company’s finance is to develop a strategic plan to achieve it.
  • The best way to do it is to define the goals that will allow you to improve your decentralized finance.
  • And also, devise processes to achieve it, and the term in which you want to do it.
  • This way, you will have a route plan to meet the objective and that the whole team works together.
  • We recommend using the SMART methodology to set your goals and follow up on them.

SMART is the acronym for:

Specific – The objective must be very well specified.

Measurable – Remember, if you can’t measure, you can’t improve
Attainable (Achievable) – The goal should feel possible, something that is within your reach and your team.

Realistic – It must be something achievable, realistic, requires introspection on the part of decision-makers.

Timely (Specific time) – A deadline or deadline must be set to reach the goal.

When you outline your goals in this way, you can begin to plan the processes to meet the objectives within the timeframe you have already set.

For example, if you have a factory, you can have a goal of reducing input waste by 15% in the next six months and start planning processes and strategies to achieve it.

Audit your financial processes to discover flaws


  • To improve your company’s finance, you must understand very well all the processes that involve them.
  • Specifically, two: the collection and online payment processing system, because they directly handle the money.
  • If you do a small audit of these processes, you will see in greater detail the flow of income and expenses of the business.
  • That will let you know what is being spent the most on and improve the business’s performance or essential expenses.
  • Also, consider whether these expenses are necessary or not bring a benefit and eliminate them or reduce them.
  • In the same way, you will discover the primary sources of income .
  • If they are constant or depend on a particular temporality.
  • With this data, it is much easier to a debt settlement plan to improve the finance of your company.
  • And, additionally, you will be able to discover if there are failures in any of these two processes, and in that case, start working to solve them.
  • Errors in these processes can be very simple and innocent, as, for example, the person in charge of making them may have a lot of work, causing constant delays, affecting the company’s workflows.
  • Or, in the most terrible case scenario, you could even discover if there is fraud and malice from a collaborator.

Take advantage of technology / Automate everything you can

  • Another tip to improve your company’s finance is to make the most of technology.
  • Both to collect information and automate everything you can to save money, time, and human resources.
  • The technology can be from an accounting software or a financial management platform to ensure that you will have the most accurate information possible and the relevant data to make decisions and control the business.
  • Preferably, we recommend using a system that works in the Cloud to not depend on it being installed on a computer or on a local server that runs the risk of breaking down.
  • In addition to this, a technological system can help you automate other tasks that can be too time-consuming.
  • An example of a task that can be very laborious but essential to improve your company’s finance is financial reports.
  • They are essential for organized companies seeking to base decision-making and operations on accurate data.
  • However, without a sound system, they can be time-consuming to complete and not be understandable or accessible to everyone in the organization.
  • Therefore, a technological tool that allows automating the creation of these reports and makes them easily visible and understandable can be of great help.
  • Another process that can be automated with technology is reconciling accounts receivable and payable
  • It is not to waste time comparing bank transactions with invoices.

Infographic created by Donnelley Financial Solutions, a financial workflow software company

Identify your most profitable customers and offer them unique benefits

  • To improve your company’s finance, you must have sales and satisfied customers, and there is no other way.
  • And it’s best to keep your best customers happy, to make sure you keep that relationship in good shape.
  • Who are your best clients? Each organization can respond differently, but in general, they are the ones that are most profitable for you.
  • Identifying the customers who have brought you the most business and applying relationship-strengthening measures such as discounts or unique benefits will ensure you continue to have their preferences in the future.
  • To discover out who your most profitable customers are, you can review past purchase orders and invoices. Still, this method is time-consuming and depends on the organization and storage capacity that your organization uses.
  • Then, the best thing would be to automatically have the data of each of the clients .
  • That your organization has had and an aggregate of the amount that you have transacted with them.

Invest in the development and training of your team

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